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Anchorage Painting, Drywall and Remodeling Services

    This company is about doing what we know how to do very well, making an educated guess
    at what we are not comfortable with, and calling a few select professional on what we need help 
    on or  have little knowledge of the problem. Try us, we're old ducks!!

     That being said, some, but not all the services we provide are:

     Exterior/interior coating applications by air, air assisted, and HLVP; by brush and roller.
     Water pressure washing, sandblasting, extreme high pressure removal, graffiti removal.
     Use of corrosion primers for ferrous metals
     Oil based stains, clear acrylic finishes, etc.

     Some recent projects involved floor leveling, new stud wall construction, sheetrock
     installation for fire prevention, new decking installation, electrical trouble shooting,
     and more. 

     If you have a serious project don't hesitate to call. We'll look at it for free. Written bids
     for anything of significance is our norm.